How To Play

Crestliner Trumped Angling Competition is a free,
online fishing contest open to all anglers across North America.

1 Sign Up

Create a profile to get your Official 2014 Trumped ruler and to join the Trumped community. Ready to sign up? click here.

2 Hit the Water

You have to get on the water if you want to catch the grand prize! If you fish Walleye, Pike, Bass or Crappies you can win big.

3 Post Your Fish

The leaderboard is where legends are made. For guidelines on how to document and post your fish, click here.

4 Win Prizes

Monthly prizes are awarded to the top three anglers posting the longest fish in each category. At the end of the 2014 Trumped season a $5,000 Grand Prize will go to the longest fish posted in each category. Click here for more prize info.